NFL 1st Down Passing Leaders

When talking about the 2023 campaign, Tua Tagovailoa holds down the top spot in 1st downs from passing with 53. Ranking in the runner up spot is Kirk Cousins, enjoying a 1st downs from passing total of 49. Having a tally of 46, Matthew Stafford comes in at the 3rd spot. Holding on to the 4th and 5th position are Justin Herbert (45) in addition to C.J. Stroud (42).

2023 NFL 1st Down Passing Leaders

1stTua Tagovailoa53
2ndKirk Cousins49
3rdMatthew Stafford46
4thJustin Herbert45
5thC.J. Stroud42
6thJared Goff39
7thGeno Smith39
8thJosh Allen38
9thMac Jones37
10thBrock Purdy37
11thPatrick Mahomes36
12thTrevor Lawrence36
13thDak Prescott35
14thJimmy Garoppolo33
15thDeshaun Watson33
16thJordan Love33
17thRussell Wilson32
18thSam Howell29
19thDerek Carr29
20thBaker Mayfield29
21stJoe Burrow28
22ndJoshua Dobbs28
23rdLamar Jackson27
24thDaniel Jones26
25thJustin Fields26
26thKenny Pickett25
27thJalen Hurts25
28thDesmond Ridder25
29thRyan Tannehill22
30thZach Wilson19

2022 NFL 1st Down Passing Leaders

1stPatrick Mahomes272
2ndTom Brady237
3rdKirk Cousins230
4thJustin Herbert228
5thJared Goff227
6thJoe Burrow222
7thJosh Allen214
8thGeno Smith206
9thTrevor Lawrence206
10thAaron Rodgers177
11thJalen Hurts165
12thTua Tagovailoa162
13thDerek Carr161
14thDaniel Jones156
15thMatt Ryan156
16thRussell Wilson142
17thDak Prescott142
18thDavis Mills135
19thAndy Dalton135
20thJacoby Brissett129
21stMac Jones127
22ndKenny Pickett123
23rdKyler Murray119
24thRyan Tannehill116
25thJimmy Garoppolo114
26thMarcus Mariota111
27thLamar Jackson105
28thMatthew Stafford105
29thBaker Mayfield94
30thTaylor Heinicke93

2021 NFL 1st Down Passing Leaders

1stTom Brady269
2ndPatrick Mahomes260
3rdJustin Herbert256
4thJosh Allen234
5thMatthew Stafford233
6thDak Prescott227
7thDerek Carr217
8thAaron Rodgers213
9thJoe Burrow202
10thMatt Ryan195
11thKirk Cousins192
12thRyan Tannehill192
13thBen Roethlisberger188
14thMac Jones177
15thTrevor Lawrence177
16thJimmy Garoppolo172
17thKyler Murray172
18thTaylor Heinicke167
19thCarson Wentz165
20thJared Goff162
21stTeddy Bridgewater146
22ndJalen Hurts143
23rdBaker Mayfield143
24thTua Tagovailoa137
25thRussell Wilson135
26thLamar Jackson135
27thSam Darnold123
28thDavis Mills118
29thDaniel Jones116
30thZach Wilson112

2020 NFL 1st Down Passing Leaders

1stMatt Ryan242
2ndPatrick Mahomes238
3rdTom Brady233
4thJosh Allen228
5thDeshaun Watson221
6thJustin Herbert216
7thAaron Rodgers216
8thRussell Wilson213
9thKirk Cousins212
10thMatthew Stafford205
11thKyler Murray205
12thRyan Tannehill202
13thPhilip Rivers200
14thJared Goff194
15thBen Roethlisberger193
16thDerek Carr192
17thBaker Mayfield188
18thTeddy Bridgewater174
19thDaniel Jones157
20thJoe Burrow150
21stDrew Brees149
22ndDrew Lock145
23rdLamar Jackson138
24thCam Newton133
25thCarson Wentz130
26thMitchell Trubisky124
27thNick Mullens120
28thGardner Minshew II117
29thAndy Dalton116
30thSam Darnold109

2019 NFL 1st Down Passing Leaders

1stJameis Winston243
2ndDak Prescott229
3rdMatt Ryan228
4thJared Goff220
5thPhilip Rivers217
6thCarson Wentz213
7thTom Brady193
8thJimmy Garoppolo193
9thDerek Carr191
10thDeshaun Watson191
11thRussell Wilson190
12thAaron Rodgers189
13thKyle Allen188
14thRyan Fitzpatrick182
15thBaker Mayfield179
16thPatrick Mahomes176
17thKyler Murray173
18thAndy Dalton170
19thKirk Cousins165
20thLamar Jackson161
21stDrew Brees159
22ndMitchell Trubisky156
23rdGardner Minshew II150
24thSam Darnold147
25thJosh Allen146
26thJacoby Brissett143
27thDaniel Jones140
28thRyan Tannehill126
29thMatthew Stafford117
30thJoe Flacco86

2018 NFL 1st Down Passing Leaders

1stBen Roethlisberger248
2ndPatrick Mahomes237
3rdMatt Ryan236
4thAndrew Luck236
5thJared Goff233
6thKirk Cousins218
7thPhilip Rivers211
8thTom Brady205
9thEli Manning205
10thDeshaun Watson202
11thAaron Rodgers200
12thDerek Carr197
13thDrew Brees197
14thMatthew Stafford197
15thDak Prescott184
16thCam Newton180
17thCase Keenum179
18thBaker Mayfield171
19thCarson Wentz159
20thRussell Wilson156
21stJameis Winston152
22ndMitchell Trubisky151
23rdAndy Dalton132
24thSam Darnold130
25thBlake Bortles126
26thMarcus Mariota121
27thJoe Flacco119
28thRyan Fitzpatrick113
29thJosh Rosen112
30thNick Mullens106

2017 NFL 1st Down Passing Leaders

1stTom Brady230
2ndPhilip Rivers217
3rdMatthew Stafford210
4thBen Roethlisberger204
5thDrew Brees203
6thMatt Ryan199
7thBlake Bortles195
8thKirk Cousins194
9thRussell Wilson189
10thJameis Winston185
11thAlex Smith182
12thCase Keenum180
13thJared Goff177
14thEli Manning172
15thDerek Carr168
16thCam Newton167
17thAndy Dalton163
18thJoe Flacco163
19thDak Prescott162
20thCarson Wentz161
21stMarcus Mariota149
22ndJacoby Brissett146
23rdJay Cutler138
24thJosh McCown137
25thTyrod Taylor133
26thDeShone Kizer131
27thTrevor Siemian112
28thMitchell Trubisky100
29thCarson Palmer95
30thBrett Hundley90

2016 NFL 1st Down Passing Leaders

1stDrew Brees265
2ndMatt Ryan240
3rdKirk Cousins227
4thAaron Rodgers226
5thCarson Palmer220
6thMatthew Stafford218
7thJameis Winston216
8thPhilip Rivers215
9thBlake Bortles207
10thAndrew Luck206
11thAndy Dalton206
12thJoe Flacco204
13thSam Bradford199
14thRussell Wilson193
15thCarson Wentz192
16thEli Manning191
17thDerek Carr191
18thDak Prescott185
19thBen Roethlisberger184
20thAlex Smith182
21stCam Newton173
22ndTom Brady165
23rdMarcus Mariota157
24thTrevor Siemian155
25thBrock Osweiler154
26thTyrod Taylor148
27thRyan Tannehill134
28thRyan Fitzpatrick130
29thCase Keenum103
30thColin Kaepernick101

2015 NFL 1st Down Passing Leaders

1stCarson Palmer231
2ndTom Brady229
3rdDrew Brees228
4thMatt Ryan228
5thPhilip Rivers227
6thMatthew Stafford224
7thBlake Bortles220
8thEli Manning206
9thKirk Cousins205
10thJameis Winston201
11thRyan Fitzpatrick197
12thRyan Tannehill195
13thCam Newton195
14thRussell Wilson190
15thDerek Carr188
16thAaron Rodgers177
17thBen Roethlisberger175
18thJay Cutler173
19thSam Bradford170
20thAlex Smith155
21stTeddy Bridgewater153
22ndAndy Dalton148
23rdMarcus Mariota142
24thBrian Hoyer130
25thTyrod Taylor129
26thJoe Flacco125
27thPeyton Manning110
28thJosh McCown96
29thBrock Osweiler92
30thAndrew Luck92