Jamycal Hasty Stats

Hasty has coughed up the ball 3 times in his career and his longest run is 61 yds. He’s gaining 11.4 yds per game and has gotten into the endzone 4 times on the ground. He has carried the ball 101 times to the tune of 4.1 YPC. Up to this point in his career, Hasty has stepped onto the gridiron in 36 contests and has gained 410 yards on the ground.

He is running for 11.4 yards on the ground per contest. He has rushed for 2 TDs on the year with a long carry of 61 yds. His average when carrying the ball sits at 4.2 and he has carried it 46 times this year. Hasty has gained 194 yds on the ground in his 17 games this year.

Jamycal Hasty Stats


2022 Stats for Jamycal Hasty

StatValueNFL Rank
Games Started0268th
Rushing Attempts4687th
Rushing Yards19488th
Rushing Touchdowns276th
Longest Run6115th
Rushing Yards Per Attempt4.2164th
Rushing Yards Per Game11.4118th

2021 Stats for Jamycal Hasty

StatValueNFL Rank
Games Started0293rd
Rushing Attempts16149th
Rushing Yards68152nd
Rushing Touchdowns1130th
Longest Run21127th
Rushing Yards Per Attempt4.3168th
Rushing Yards Per Game6.2160th

2020 Stats for Jamycal Hasty

StatValueNFL Rank
Games Started0271st
Rushing Attempts3999th
Rushing Yards148109th
Rushing Touchdowns1120th
Longest Run20117th
Rushing Yards Per Attempt3.8209th
Rushing Yards Per Game18.5105th