Anthony Rizzo vs Freddie Freeman Stats

Rizzo has a batting average of .263 for his time in baseball in addition to 884 scored runs and an OPS of .838. In his time spent in pro baseball, he stepped up to bat 6,961 times and also came through with a base hit 1,567 times. He has amassed a slugging percentage of .474 in addition to racking up 2,822 bases. In his MLB career, Rizzo has hit 295 baseballs out of the park while driving in 930 runs. He has struck out 1,143 times and has walked on 754 occasions, contributing to a .364 on-base percentage.

Freeman has tallied a free base 930 times while going down on strikes on 1,528 occasions. His on-base rate is .388 and he has a career OPS of .902. He has accumulated 1,211 runs and has 1,135 RBIs. He has homered 318 times, with 3,584 total bases and a .514 slugging percentage. In the 6,977 at-bats in his career, Freeman has an average at the plate of .301 and has racked up 2,102 base hits.

Anthony Rizzo vs Freddie Freeman Stats

Anthony RizzoCareerFreddie Freeman
1,635Games Played1,875
6,961Plate Appearances8,053
295Home Runs318
930Runs Batted In1,135
72Stolen Bases87
44Caught Stealing28
.263Batting Average.301
.364On-Base Percentage.388
.474Slugging Percentage.514
2,822Total Bases3,584
142Grounded Into Double Plays144
213Hit By Pitch93

Rizzo has tallied 91 hits in 373 at-bats and has a batting average of .244. He has walked 35 times and sports an on-base percentage of .328. This year, Rizzo has scored 45 runs, accounted for 41 runs batted in and has earned 12 home runs. He has an OPS of 0.706 as well as a slugging % of .378. He has gone down on strikes 97 times while earning 141 total bases.

Since the start of the campaign, Freddie Freeman has hit in 94 runs and also is sitting with a slugging percentage of .564. He has amassed an on-base percentage of .410 as well as 70 free passes and 114 K’s. Freeman has compiled 337 bases in total with 199 hits out of 598 at-bats. He has accounted for a batting average of .333 while holding an OPS of .974. He has notched 125 runs so far this season and has knocked 26 balls out of the park.

Anthony Rizzo (2023)StatFreddie Freeman (2023)
99Games Played151
421Plate Appearances685
45Runs Scored125
12Home Runs26
41Runs Batted In94
0Stolen Bases21
3Caught Stealing1
.244Batting Average.333
.328On-Base Percentage.410
.378Slugging Percentage.564
141Total Bases337
10Grounded Into Double Play12
12Hit By Pitch12